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Company Advantages

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    Direct contacts with manufactures in China

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    Direct partnerships with courier service across the world

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    Our own call center

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    Our own sales and marketing team


Company History

Ecomtradestar has been founded in 2013. From the very beginning and to this very day, we are committed to meet the highest quality standards. Today we are a dynamically developing company that organizes fulfillment in a professional and confident way on 3 continents in more than 20 countries where we have a well-developed infrastructure. Millions of clients know us and trust us!

We expand our core competencies and assist in the implementation of our clients' ambitious plans to expand the dealer network and distribution of products in the global market. We organize delivery by any modes of transport to various countries. The company's capabilities are not limited by geographic boundaries. We are helping to do business in the world in easier and simpler way.

We know the global market and, having the direct contacts with local manufacturers, we help to establish profitable business relationships, find contractors, organize the optimum delivery route and coordinate the activities of all participants of business processes.

Throughout our history, we have established reliable partnerships with transport and logistics companies that own warehouses in many countries. We can pick up cargo from a supplier, deliver it to a warehouse for consolidation or directly to the port of departure. Direct access to courier services gives us advantages that allow to reduce transport rates for our customers. We organize the storage of goods in warehouses in proper conditions, we provide accurate order batching, careful packaging of products in accordance with their specific characteristics. The most automated processes allow to reduce the order processing time and improve the efficiency of our employees.


Our sales managers and marketers are experienced in a process-complicated environment, they support partners and clients by acting in their best interests and creating opportunities. In-house regulations describe the operational procedures in detail, thus allowing to follow the instructions and get accurate, predictable results.

We implement advanced online technologies in order to solve current tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible in real time. We upgrade the intermediate elements of the supply chain, create channels for digital interaction with the client. Our highly trained call center staff provide professional advice in 15 languages. Clients of various nationalities can be sure that their request will be understood correctly. The information flows are managed automatically, so the probability of error is reduced to zero.

Despite many years of experience, our story is just beginning! The new reality is tightening the requirements for logistics. We are ready to meet them, providing reliability, flexibility, efficiency. We use and scale up new technologies, train staff, adapt our capacities to the expanding e-commerce, to the growing and transforming demand.


Our mission and our vision

Our mission is to provide our clients with the opportunity to expand their business to an international scale through our infrastructure. By developing communication channels, we create conditions for profitable and comfortable international trade. We are committed to be the partner that is preferred for cooperation by everyone.

Our main goal is sustainable development, horizontal and vertical diversification, which allows us to offer our clients the options that provide them with a solid competitive advantage, therefore, ensuring a high demand for our services. We do our best to improve and maintain the quality of services at every stage, regularly carry out the optimization focused on the best end result. We closely review hidden trends, assess their significance, prospects and introduce the best ones into our daily practice.

Our goal is to be at the forefront, provide progress-based services, use information technology and artificial intelligence. Wherein, our activities are subject to the principle of sustainable development, we enhance security by identifying emergency situations, opening access to the digital field only to authorized responsible employees.