Optimum transport and forwarding support for the distribution of goods

As part of logistics services, we carry out comprehensive process management and use modern infrastructure to benefit our customers. We act both as a technical link in the supply chain, organizing the storage and transportation of cargo, and as a generator of efficient logistics solutions.



  • We choose the best method or several delivery methods for a quick and high-quality result.
  • We identify an economically feasible and safe route for each individual case.
  • We plan the entire logistics cycle from the receipt of goods to the warehouse, the formation of a batch and its shipment to the recipient.
  • We calculate the costs of logistics services.
  • We exercise full control over operations using special information systems.

Our logistics services include the organizing the warehousing, packaging, repackaging, shipment of goods.

We control the movement of material flows from producers to the end consumer. We offer the optimum management of logistics processes in the aggregate, as well as intermediate services on a global scale.

We organize forwarding processes with the proposal of reliable carriers, provision of vehicles, preparation of documents, coordination of the process.

We carry out customs clearance during the period of shipment to the destination.

Our structured system provides high-quality management of all resources involved: goods, time, finances, information.

We are supported by many years of experience, industry expertise, intellectual and technical capabilities to perform logistics operations, organize goods movement at any distance in the shortest possible time on favorable conditions for the customer.


Customs clearance

We carry out customs procedures necessary for a quick and trouble-free passage of goods across the border.

We carry out a preliminary inspection of the cargo to guarantee fast customs clearance, and accompany its passage through checkpoints, as well as:

  • We draw up permits.
  • We arrange the necessary approvals.
  • We select codes of TN VED.
  • We register the goods with the customs authorities.
  • We pay customs duties on time.

Storage services

We organize the storage of goods in warehouses, we check the integrity of the cargo and the completeness of the order upon receipt.

Automation of processes allows us to quickly find warehouse goods, generate retrospective reports with different purposes and calculate forecasts for the future.

  • We provide the necessary conditions for storage of goods.
  • We open online access to the balances in warehouses.
  • We carry out packaging, labeling of warehouse products.
  • We accept return of goods, refusals of buyers from goods.
  • The warehouses have an automation system that allows to pick the orders accurately.


We carry out prompt delivery of goods to their destination. After picking and proper packaging, the cargo is transferred to the transport company, which takes responsibility for its security and integrity.

We inform the customer and the end buyer about the status of the order, we offer the tools for its tracking while shipping to the destination.

  • We recommend a logistics solution in accordance with the goals and capabilities of the customer.
  • We have a well-developed infrastructure all over the world, so the delivery is carried out promptly.
  • We have an extensive geographic footprint, we can organize transportation to various countries of the world.
  • We help to optimize the transport costs by offering the best routes.
  • Delivery can be carried out both as a package and as a separate service.

Search and purchase of goods in China

We organize the delivery of goods from China on a turnkey basis and offer expert support at individual stages of the shipment of goods from the manufacturer to the end buyer.

A comprehensive service consists in developing an effective solution, choosing a product and searching for a manufacturer who is ready to cooperate on the conditions favorable to our client.

  • We quickly transport a neatly completed batch of goods from China to any country.
  • We carry out customs clearance at the border.
  • We find optimum conditions for warehouse storage.
  • We organize the delivery of goods from a warehouse in the sales region to the end buyer.
  • We accept the return of goods that have not satisfied the end buyer.