We deliver goods from a warehouse in a certain country to the end buyer

We position ourselves as a company the main activity of which is fulfillment. We provide the capabilities of our infrastructure to expand your business internationally. While processing and executing orders, we coordinate the processes at all stages of the production of commercial products from the manufacturer to the end buyer. We reduce the time of the logistics cycle. We use up-to-date information systems that automate the execution of operations in accordance with the rules of priorities.



  • We minimize gaps in the lead time, we strive to exclude them from our practice.
  • We carefully check the completeness and correctness of ordering to ensure the correctness of their execution in a short time.
  • We ensure the continuity of logistics operations.
  • We remain flexible and able to respond quickly to specific customer needs.
  • We involve experienced employees of sales and marketing departments for efficient planning, accurate processing of the data of incoming orders.

In accordance with the incoming order, we select the goods at the storage locations, complete the packaging subject to the client's requirements.

Special terms and conditions are specified in the contract signed with the customer and may include the preparation of products for sale, labeling, and packaging.

We form batches, prepare them for shipment and organize delivery to transport companies.

We recommend a rational choice of the delivery method, identify the route that is favorable for the customer, calculate the shipment time and the amount of transportation costs.

We realize that the effectiveness of order processing and execution lies in our ability to manage them, optimize the time of each procedure, and reduce costs in efficient way.

We guarantee a high level of customer service. We offer professional customer support.


Warehouse storage

We simplify warehousing and delivery of goods in any country, thus allowing our customers to optimize the costs.

We guarantee double check during acceptance for safekeeping with the formation of a card in the system. We support sales from the warehouse using our call center.

  • We organize storage of goods in appropriate conditions.
  • We carry out the picking of orders for delivery to the end buyer.
  • We pack the goods in accordance with the –ļregulations agreed with the customer.
  • We accept returns of orders subject to the generally accepted procedure.
  • We provide access to the information about warehouse stocks and reports on order fulfillment.

Courier delivery

We organize the delivery of goods by reliable courier companies with a positive business reputation, which are financially responsible during the order execution.

We aware that timely delivery helps to increase the level of selling of goods, therefore we arrange a high-quality management of delivery to the client.

  • The safety and integrity of the shipped cargo is ensured.
  • Delivery is carried out as quickly as possible without placing an order in a long queue.
  • Feedback is available to improve the quality of service, inform about possible force majeure circumstances.
  • The end buyer can call a courier at any time of the day.
  • Delivery is accompanied by the necessary shipping documents.

Call center services

We offer call center services with incoming and outgoing calls in accordance with the needs of the dealer network or the size of the target market. We improve its efficiency by means of maximum automation.

We offer tools to control the quality of service, which allows to improve scripts and meet the needs of the consumer from the very first call.

  • The call center operates at a custom-tailored intensity.
  • Incoming calls are handled by experienced operators who are able to provide professional advice.
  • Outgoing calls are made by operators and automatically.
  • We use the advantages of auto-dialing.
  • Demand research is carried out using quiz marketing.

Track your order

We provide access to tracking services of transport companies, which can be integrated into the customer's system or available on their websites. The order fulfillment status is updated as the cargo passes key milestones, intermediate distribution points.

Tracking allows to find out the reason for the delay, and also:

  • Provides the proof that the good was accurately shipped by the seller.
  • Displays the movement of goods along the route.
  • Helps to find out what is the value of the delivery time increase in case of a delay.
  • Allows to find out the history of orders with brief reports.