Dealer Services

We offer efficient product distribution channels for new markets

Acting as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the consumer, we carry out operations to promote and sell finished products, goods to an end buyer on the basis of a dealer agreement, which may contain additional obligations.


  • We act proactively when creating a dealer network.
  • We provide legal regulation of dealer activities
  • We have a modern infrastructure, so we organize regular deliveries to all countries of the world.
  • We guarantee high quality service based on feedback from end customers.
  • We use efficient tools to attract buyers and promote goods.


We study the trends of development of the target market segment, identify the demand for products, if it is low or null, then we form it by explaining the benefits of the product to the end buyer.

We estimate the expected trends to determine the outlook for demand. We carry out market analysis, compare products with competitors' alternatives.

Company managers follow-up the order from the product development, its promotion to delivery to the end buyer. We increase the client's sales volume and reduce the time for the sale of a certain volume of goods.

We improve the quality of customer service and offer unique options that offer additional benefits.

We quickly respond to claims, take measures to prevent their occurrence in the future.

We develop an efficient plan for promoting a product in the Internet space, advertise its consumer values, and provide full consultations regarding its features.


Expansion of the dealer network

While creating and expanding the dealer network, we focus on the characteristics of the product and the market conditions of the region in which our customer is focused. We strive to cover the territory as much as possible and ensure the contact with the target audience.

The end buyer gets convenient opportunities for purchasing the goods, fast delivery by courier services, feedback channels, methods of return, exchange. Our clients get maximum control over the market through the tools we offer.

  • We analyze the target market using several key parameters.
  • We confirm the completion of the task with digital indicators.
  • We agree with the customer the timing for achieving the intermediate goals.
  • We organize regular network management.
  • We provide the customer with the capability to follow-up the execution.

Product distribution

We provide professional assistance in organizing the distribution of goods in any country in the world. We coordinate its distribution on the territory and create conditions for after-sales service.

We carry out strategic planning subject to the efficiency of sales in general from the moment we enter a certain market with a given product. We also plan our actions and their results at each stage of promotion from the manufacturer to the end buyer.

  • Basically, we implement a direct model with a sale directly to the user.
  • We identify the need for the number and area of storage facilities.
  • We assess the need for a call center and the intensity of its use.
  • We provide additional services if necessary.
  • We use information systems that provide control over metrics.

Coordination of actions

We organize a cycle of product promotion, starting from the development of a product, a brand, finding a manufacturer or production area, to the sale of marketable products to the end consumer in attractive packaging.

We coordinate the actions of participants in business processes, compare the work schedules of warehouses, transport companies, courier services for uninterruptable sales.

  • We act remotely, consistently, thanks to the stable operation of the internal network.
  • By offering a separate service, we integrate the result into the existing customer system.
  • Thanks to the presence of the company's offices in various countries of the world, we quickly resolve problem situations.
  • We provide an opportunity to track the execution of tasks online.
  • We stimulate demand in the form of leads/requests in the required volume for the client's product.


While cooperating with the customers, we integrate our solutions into their system of goals and corporate regulations. We provide information in real time and maintain high-quality interaction between departments.

We use software products that transform the initial data into a target format and record them in the target base of the client.

  • The network is managed using integrated products.
  • Access to a unified information system is provided.
  • It is possible to monitor performance indicators.
  • Customer-specific price protection elements are applied.
  • The goods are returned to the supplier and reflected in the customer's reporting.