International call center

Professionally organized communication between the manufacturer and the end buyer

We offer the services of the multifunctional call center with a sufficient number of operators and the automatic call distribution system for a free agent, thus an incoming call avoids waiting for a connection. We support in 15 languages. We work 24/7, process requests from current customers, potential customers, taking into account the national features of the global business.



  • We use modern technical capabilities to manage information flows in efficient way.
  • We use telecommunication systems with the ability to scale and increase the channel capacity.
  • Our competent operators have passed qualification training, use effective scripts, and are ready to competently answer a question regarding our activities and your order.
  • We provide the information support with a benevolent smile, business enthusiasm, and confidence in the information provided.
  • We guarantee the commercial confidentiality, business information confidentiality.

The call center operates in incoming and outgoing mode. Our operators take calls and make calls to the target audience to inform about the services and special offers of the company. Also, we automate the process to improve its efficiency.

We take care of the staff, we do not allow operators to burn out due to the high workload, but at the same time, we impose high demands to the professionalism of everyone, we perform statistical processing of calls.

All calls are saved and can be listened to for quality control purposes. We strive to minimize repeated calls for the same case due to an unresolved situation.

To make outgoing calls, we use auto-dialing, which streamlines the working hours of our employees.


Incoming calls

We organize efficient communication with the consumer to maximize the profit from product sales.

Our operators have:

  • the ability to work in a multitasking environment;
  • competent speech and excellent diction;
  • complete and reliable information about the product being sold;
  • the necessary authority to communicate the marketing information.

Call center

Our call center operates 24/7 and is ready to be helpful whenever you need it.

Its main function is to inform in objective and accurate manner the consumer about the product and the terms of its purchase, to receive feedback, requests and complaints from customers.

  • Allows to increase conversion while remaining as useful as possible.
  • Customer service is available in any of 15 world languages.
  • Operators know reliable information about the product, quickly and accurately respond to the request.
  • Creates stepped sales volumes, solving the problems of the buyer.
  • We work with efficient scripts for standard calls and solve in efficient way the unique customer requests.

Quiz marketing by phone

We conduct marketing research by phone, inviting consumers to answer short questions. A survey, as a way of collecting the information, allows to identify the shortcomings of the product and form an image of the features that are attractive to the user.

We create an efficient telecommunication feedback channel, characterized by simplicity of questions and a laconic message design.

  • Can be used to form a database or obtain marketing information.
  • Increases sales without significant resource consumption.
  • Allows to find out the opinion about products of different audiences.
  • Provides maximum objectivity and relevance of information.
  • It is a versatile tool.


We use a smart autoinformer with the ability to organize autodials independently for an unlimited number of customers in any country in the world. The tool is suitable for conducting thee surveys, notifying about a new product, promotion or other event.

Automatic messages are often perceived positively by people, as they save their time, eliminate the need for dialogue and the intervention of the human factor.

  • Easy to organize with minimal cost.
  • It is controlled and configured remotely.
  • Optimizes the operation of the call center.
  • Provides reports on the results of work.
  • Communication can be recorded.