We invite talented and active professionals to join our international team! If you want to apply your professional potential, apply your knowledge and skills in complex but interesting projects, then we will be happy to provide such an opportunity. After successful interviewing and making a positive decision, you will be able to implement your career ambitions in a comfortable working environment.

It is important to have specialized education and experience that meets the requirements of the vacant position, as well as be able to coordinate with colleagues from related departments, take into account the interests of other departments, work in a team and be ready to take initiative, be responsible for their decisions. For our part, we guarantee support, interesting tasks, worthy remuneration corresponding to the scope of authority and contribution to the common cause.

We are in constant development, therefore, due to the expansion of the organizational structure and the increase in staff, we are considering candidates for various positions in the company. We are currently looking for employees for the following positions:

Call center operator

  • Work experience: 1 year
  • Functions and skills: native speaker of languages such as Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian; answer calls, process requests and make outgoing calls if necessary.
  • Personal characteristics: resistance to stress, logical thinking, good diction.

Site administrator

  • Functions and skills: attracting the traffic to the site, ensuring the security of the resource, developing a strategy for its promotion and implementation with the preparation of an analytical report.
  • Personal characteristics: disciplined approach, systematic approach.

Account Manager

  • Functions and skills: conducting negotiations with clients and partners of the company, documenting business operations, entering customer data into the database, assisting in the timely execution of orders.
  • Personal characteristics: ability to formulate thoughts logically, be convincing, high level of organized nature.

Python backend developer

  • Work experience: over 3 years
  • Functions and skills: Python¬†3+, DRF, MySQL, redis, REST API
  • Personal characteristics: the ability to solve the tasks assigned in an accurate way.

PHP frontend developer

  • Work experience: 3-6 years
  • Functions and skills: development of a beautiful intuitive design of an Internet resource, implementation of adaptive layout, confident use of text and graphic editors, work with databases.
  • Personal characteristics: the ability to defend their ideas and be ready to combine creativity and ergonomics in one project.

PHP backend developer

  • Work experience: 3-6 years.
  • Functions and skills: understanding the internal logic of the site, software products, developing optimal algorithms for their work, ensuring data security and error-free transactions.
  • Personal characteristics: ability to take responsibility for the result