Tips For Choosing the Right Order Fulfillment Company

Order fulfillment is a simple but vital part of any e-commerce business. Fulfillment is simply the process of packing and shipping physical products to customer’s homes. This process can easily be done at an onsite facility by an independent ecommerce firm or outsourced to an independent logistics (3PL) service. The latter has many advantages over […]...

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Advertising and Promotion As Part of a SME Marketing Mix

Advertising and promotion are integral parts of any business. While promotion refers to free and paid promotions, including advertisements and billboards, promotion generally refers to controlled, targeted messages on the media. Many businesses fail because they fail to use the best forms of advertising and promotion. Businesses need to be proactive in their marketing techniques. […]...

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Understanding International Logistics

Freight shipping is among the most commonly used methods of international transportation for both personal and business use. Freight forwarders, such as the International Logistics Center, coordinate the shipping of goods from one point to another by utilizing a wide range of shipping services, such as air cargo, sea freight, road freight, land-based cargo shipping, […]...

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